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REEview - Wind Waker HD

REEview - Wind Waker HD:

This game has to be on my top 5 list of my favorite games of all time. Everytime I start this game I am blown away by the graphics and art style. Everything from links hoodie and grass is affected by the wind direction, it has dynamic weather and time of day, everything in water has white foam around it, looks freaking amazing. It feels like water, with perfect splashes and sounds. And the added ambient occlusion just brings it all together, to create perhaps the prettiest game ever smile emoticon
Combat system is great, the controls is not so great, the dungeons are great and not extreme difficult. The story is small but great, and the final boss fight is awesome!

It's a joy to just sail around and explore the waters and islands, talking to the fish, and standing all quite as the rare ghost ship sails by. The atmosphere in this game is unmatched..

Is it the best zelda yet? I don't know. And if it isn't, it's right besides ocarina of time and a link to the past... What I feel wind waker is lacking is interesting loot in the chests, it's usually only rubys, with so much to explore in this game, it's a real shame that you find rubys most of the time.. You only explore in this game to find clues and stuff to advance the story.. In ocarina there were much more stuff to find, like magic, and different suits besides the usual items, in general better rewards when finding a hidden cave...

I cant stop thinking about that I miss some kind of proper loot and skills system. There's no customization or character progression, I want to find different shields and armor and stuff, I want to put skill points into firewall or corpse explosion... Wait a minute....

Time to take the next step Nintendo, we are ready now.

The original idea for wind waker was to have all of hyrule underneath the water surface, so we would have two worlds like in previous games. And I really feel like the game is missing this aspect.. Oh well, it's still one of the best games I have ever played, and finally completed..

Next up is twilight princess and skyward sword...

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