torsdag den 20. januar 2011

Animation/FX Showreel 2009 Remake

This is my updated showreel. It now has the right Email adress and some new FX shots, that is worth checking out :)
And please share it around

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Roy Mustang sagde ...

Hello Ronnie. My name is Lucas Borgna. Im actually making a tesis for my gruadiation in Cinema and television in Argentina. I and my group we are doing the preproduccion of a ficcional video, that combines live action with some 3d effects, the most part of him enviromentals.
We are seeking people that wishes to help us around all the world. The only problem, is that our tesis cant have comercial interest, but yes of spread interest.
If you want to take part of the crew, you gonna make us a really great favor, and put a smile on us. For now, we have a team of illustrators to put our design on papers, and other teams of animators who will divide is work in parts, with te objective of acelerate the process. Always, if you decide to join us, all your creative ideas will be extremely considereted, like if you were here with us.
Also, i send you a couple of images of the sites were we gonna be filming in April. Also, i need to tell you that the tesis includes a vast quantity of action scenes, reason why i send you some examples of the type of fighting that we gonna make for the film.
Links to videos:
Thanks for your attention,
Long Days and Great Nights
The Patriot: Tomahawk Scene ULTRA HD
A clip from The movie Patriot, Mel Gibson kills 22 British redcoats to Get his son back