mandag den 25. oktober 2010

Interstellar Marines Photosession Trailer

A Trailer I did for Interstellar Marines. I did all animation on marines, sharkcreature, titanwalker and camera.
Jakob Falkenberg did all modeling and texturing. And Sune Kempf did all rigging and skinning.
The idea is that the characters, are having their first ingame screenshot taken. So it's all running realtime in unreal engine 3.

fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Titan Walker Ad

This is an viral ad I did for Interstellar Marines. I did all animation and effects, and my homie Shaun Mechen did camera tracking, compositing, modelling, texturing and rigging.

Evolution of a FumeFX explosion

I have done a shitload of fumefx simulations for my shortfilm Sitting Ducks. This is just some of the simulations them. They start simple, and gets more complex as I tweak the settings :)

Showreel 2009

Please NOTE that my email is: , and not the one at the end of the showreel.
For Interstellar Marines I did all animation. And for the second part of the reel I did everything. Moddeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and effects.

Gladiators 720p

Youtube - Link

This is my entry for the FX Wars challenge. The theme was Neo Race. My friend Ernst Kroghtoft did the car modelling, I did everything else. It took about 14 days to finish.
And I won :)